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DV8 Dare™ Pineapple Pong Cruzin' Pineapples Special Edition - The Playful Icebreaker Adult Party Game

DV8 Dare™ Pineapple Pong Cruzin' Pineapples Special Edition - The Playful Icebreaker Adult Party Game

Nominated 2017s “Adult Game of the Year”

  • Perfect for any Adult Party
  • ADULTS ONLY: 4 Players
  • Turns any 6' table into Dare Pong

The Original Ultimate Icebreaker Game

The Special Edition to the most innovative Ice Breaker game ever Created.
The Pineapple Craze is sweeping the lifestyle and Deviate Network is at the forefront of the Cruzin Pineapples themed games.

The DV8 Dare™ Pineapple Pong Cruzin' Pineapples Special Edition is the latest addition to our Cruzin' Pineapples series. Based on the popular Dare Pong™ (available separately), this playful edition adds a pineapple twist to the classic game.

It's the hottest game series in adult party entertainment, instantly breaking the ice getting your party started with playful sexy dares that promote interaction and turns up the heat.

Turn any standard 6' Pong table into DV8 Dare Pong™ -You'll never play normal beer pong again!
Featuring 15 uniquely playful dares from mild to wild, vibrantly printed on a colorful high-quality, wrinkle-free machine washable fabric table top cover.

This Cloth portable pong table cover can be placed over any existing pong table, turning beer pong into DV8 Dare Pong.

The perfect icebreaker for events, pool parties and any naughty get together.
Four players play the game as they would beer pong. It's not a drinking game it’s a sexy playful icebreaker!
DV8 Dare Pong is a must-have at any adult party or event. 

The Game Where Everyone's A Winner!
Do You Deviate?™

(Pong Table not included)

Made in the USA Made in the USA

Currently available in English only
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The Perfect Adult Party Game for House Parties, Cruises, Takeovers and Lifestyle Clubs

The most innovative Ice Breaker Game Ever Created

About DV8 Dare Pong

From the Pioneers in the field of erotic icebreaker games for the swingers and alternative lifestyles. This original concept in portable adult party games is made of lightweight, machine washable wrinkle free fabric. It can easily be placed on any 6’ table and fits perfectly on any standard six foot beer pong table or folding table. Instantly turning Beer Pong into DV8 Dare Pong! 

The Adult Party Game for that instantly breaks the ice and gets your parties going. Perfect for pool parties, events or any naughty get together. Goes anywhere, Completely portable, Pong Balls Included.

The biggest names in the lifestyle industry are breaking the ice with DV8 Dare Pong!

The titans in the industry are using DV8 Dare pong to spice up their parties and events.

This popular game is being played expos, cruises, lifestyle clubs and resorts all over the world.

DV8 Dare Pong has three versions from Playful to Sexy to Exxxtreme

DV8 Dare Pong Original (Black) This hugely popular original concept game features 15 Unique sexy icebreaker Dares.  

DV8 Dare Pong Special Editions:

Cruzin Pineapples Pong: This Colorful Pineapple version of original Dare Pong features 15 Sexy and playful Icebreaker Dares

DV8 Dare Pong Exxxtreme: The after party game Features 10 hardcore dares that take your party to the next level. Glows under blacklight

Included in this Game


One DV8 Dare Pong™ 24" x 72" High Quality wrinkle-free pong table Cover
Six DV8 Dare Pong™ Balls

Easy To Play, No Complicated Rules To Follow

  • How to break the ICE

    We played this game at a recent gathering of some really good friends in upstate New York. After the first couple of cards we could see that we were going to be a much closer bunch of friends. Loved every exciting moment of the game and actually had a lot of fun playing. Can't wait to play again and again! If your not sure, and need a great ice breaker this game is for you!
  • A sure fire way to fire up a party!

    We played with some friends.. who became much better friends after the game! It was fun.. sexy and made for a hot start to an amazing night! Looking forward to playing again .. soon! Worth every penny (actually they could charge more and it is still worth it!)
  • Intense Erotic!

    When you are with a small group of swingers and none of them know how to get the party started then look right here as this will definitely break the ice.
    If you are looking for an adult game to heat things up quickly, then this is it! Fun! Erotic! Easy to play!