About DV8 Dare

DV8 Dare Erotic Games & Lifestyle Enhancement Products

About DV8 Dare:
DV8 Dare Lifestyle Games are the first ever adult party games created for the lifestyle. The first games were such an innovative idea at the time, it sparked an entire series of lifestyle games. 

Five years of research and development went into creating the first games in this series. Each game is carefully planned with focus groups and industry experts. 

With over 16 games and products created over the span of 13 years it's the most popular game series ever created for the swingers and alternative lifestyle community.  

We invite you to explore the endless playful possibilities of DV8 Dare lifestyle games and enhancement products. Keep an eye out for our newest products for 2024 

Created for Swingers by Swingers:
Pioneers in adult party games for the swingers & alternative lifestyles, DV8 Dare Series breaks the ice with a wide range of products that promote interaction and play for unforgettable experience.  'Our slogan 'Created for Swingers by Swingers'™ lets you know that our products are genuine lifestyle games. 

The most recognized name in lifestyle games: 
The very first erotic icebreaker games for the lifestyle released in 2015 has spawned an entire series of erotic games and products for all everyone in the swingers and alternative lifestyle. 

The DV8 Dare Series is a Multi-Award Nominated line of erotic games and products for the lifestyle. 
Carried by lifestyle clubs & boutiques: Endorsed by the top swingers lifestyle websites, Travel Groups and Cruises & Lifestyle Clubs. 

Featured at National Expos and Lifestyle Conventions Such as AVN, XIBZ, EXXXOTICA, Naughty N’awlins, Splash Takeovers many more. 

Discussed on popular podcasts and radio shows; SiriusXM Playboy Radio’s Swing and Vivid Radio, The Christy Canyon Show, Upside Down Pineapple Nation, and various other media. 

Why is it called DV8?

De•vi•ate-verb Definition: to stray from the norm

When we founded The Deviate Network aka DV8 Webster's definition sums up how our network’s audience is defined. 

We stray from what is considered normal monogamous relationships and expand our boundaries and explore all aspects of the swingers and alternative lifestyles.