The DV8 Dare line of lifestyle enhancement products. The original Game series created for swingers by swingers. Featuring over 16 products for the lifestyle. The most popular game series ever created

DV8 Dare lifestyle games and products revolutionizes the way swingers interact

An Insight into DV8 Dare Lifestyle Games and products

DV8 Dare Lifestyle Games are the first ever adult party games created specifically for the swingers lifestyle. This innovative concept spawned an entire series of lifestyle games and products. Five years of research and development went into creating the DV8 Dare brand. Each game is carefully planned with focus groups and industry experts. 

With over 16 games and products created over the span of 13 years, DV8 Dare is the most popular game series ever created for the swingers and alternative lifestyle community. 


 A Game Changer for the lifestyle


OUR STORY - Why we’re passionate about our products 
After experiencing the lifestyle as a couple, we were asked by close friends to start hosting our own events. In 2011, The Deviate Network was created. 
We quickly realized we needed a game for breaking the ice and getting things going; something fun and sexual for our group to play. After scouring the internet and purchasing numerous adult games to use as icebreakers, we were surprised that there was nothing specifically geared towards the swingers lifestyle.  We felt it was important that swingers had an essential ice breaker game.  For that reason, the DV8 dare line was conceived.

The DV8 Dare Brand was created out of our passion for the lifestyle; wanting all sex-positive couples to have a pleasurable experience.

DV8 Dare Swingers Edition The first ever erotic game for the lifestyle Game for swingers by swingers


The First ever Swingers Lifestyle Ice Breaker Game was created!  
DV8 Dare Swingers Edition was developed using our members as a focus group. We learned what new and seasoned swingers would like to see in a lifestyle game. Based on their suggestions, we created a prototype to play at our own events. 

The results exceeded our expectations and became an instant hit with our group. We officially launched this first edition in late 2014. The game was designed in a progressive icebreaker format so that it can be played by new and seasoned swingers at their own comfort level.

DV8 Erotic Dare The Original Game for the lifestyle
The DV8 Dare Erotic Dare game for the lifestyle Edition.
Soon after the success of our first edition, we developed a card game that could benefit seasoned swingers who were already comfortable playing in the lifestyle. A dare game to "Heat things up” by getting things going and encouraging play without necessarily easing them in. 

We wanted a game that allowed its players to draw random mild to wild dares instead of the progressive format of the Swingers Edition. 

DV8 Dare Fetish Edition Get your kink on


Exploring Kinks
As event hosts, The Deviate Network has always prided itself by networking with those from other alternative lifestyles. Long before the 50 Shades movies, we were proud to be one of the first to incorporate our friends from the BDSM lifestyle into our events to offer Fetish 101 training safely and respectively.   

We knew then that it was time to create a ‘Kink” version of our erotic card games.  The DV8 Dare Fetish edition was a way to introduce Kinks that players may not have known they had. For safety reasons, we didn’t want the game to include spanking, flogging or punishment dares. Instead, we introduced dares geared towards exploring an intro to kink that could be incorporated into swingers play as well. 

After a few years on the market our analysis showed that The Fetish edition was a more natural next step or upgrade for current owners of our original games and is now sold as our popular ‘Get yourKink On’ expansion pack. 

DV8 Dare Pong Adult Party Games The Original Dare Pong Dare Pong Exxxtreme Pineapple Dare Pong The number one game of it's kind

Dare Pong! Yes, we created this original concept too. 
Another dilemma that needed solving; a game that could be played at takeover pool parties. It had to be fun, portable, easy to set up and be the center of attention. 

We started with a beer pong table but didn’t want a drinking game, rather wanted our guests to get naked and frisky without getting drunk in the process. 

Four years and countless revisions. 
Everywhere we went, the game came with us. We used focus groups and observed guests while they were playing. Using this approach, we were able to see what worked and what didn't. Once the concept was perfected, we had to create an inexpensive, portable version that could go anywhere and be set up quickly.

The DV8 Dare Pong phenomenon makes its debut in 2016! 
The game is an instant ice breaker and the perfect party game. It adds excitement and interaction at the same time. DV8 Dare Pong has become a staple at lifestyle clubs and resorts everywhere in the world and is endorsed by lifestyle industry professionals. 
Due to its overwhelming popularity, we also created the special edition Pineapple Dare Pong and added an Exxxtreme After-Party expansion edition for more risque play. We couldn’t be more proud of this game. 

DV8 Dare Roleplay Couples Edition Erotic Coupons Game

Not everyone’s a swinger but we all love to roleplay!
Inspired during the creation of the Fetish edition, we wanted to build on the different role play scenarios that were discussed when brainstorming the games.  

We knew that we needed to create a version of our product line that catered to monogamous couples of all sexual orientations looking to add some spice and maintain a healthy active sex life.

We wanted a product that wasn’t a ‘buy it and forget it’ game; something that created goals for couples by incorporating monthly dares. It was important to include role reversals so partners could take turns with each scenario. 

DV8 Dare Role Play Edition  
Role-playing is wildly popular in our modern culture; it stimulates our fantasies and allows us to act them out in a sexual manner. 

The end result was a coupon game with the most popular scenarios in submissive and wilder dominant dares for every month of the year. It includes seasonal dares that encourage couples to explore fantasies outside the home as well as accessory suggestions to further enhance each scenario.   

DV8 Dare Meet & Mingle Swingers Party Game

House Parties and Travel
When we started this endeavor in 2011, house parties were generally reserved for close friends. Typically, couples would meet each other at local meet & greets, traveling or using online lifestyle dating sites.  Covid changed it all in 2020. 

Since Covid, house parties and travel became the popular way to connect.  We felt compelled to fill the void and satisfy the need for swingers house parties with a game that could be played in a group setting; a game that encourages play while helping the host provide a successful party. We applied our multiple years experience to a revolutionary new game concept. This challenge was an innovative new approach to traditional game play and incorporated it into a group party setting that would promote interaction and play. 

DV8 Dare Meet & Mingle Swinger Party Edition created
Our theme Meet & Mingle, was coined for our Meet & Greets that progressed to play. We started hosting Meet & Mingles to give our guests more than just a teasing meet & greet. Most wanted an afterparty, but were not always comfortable going to a private home.
The Meet & Mingle game concept takes your party from start to finish
This game is played in a transitional format allowing it to be played in stages by all participants.
 It encourages guests to approach each other that they haven’t met yet, and ends the night with sexy play action

We incorporated years of hosting experience with necessary tips and tricks that have made our own events successful. We include icebreaker games, popular theme ideas, intimate lighting and a suggested timetable for play. We also include an additional erotic themed game for the most seasoned swingers. 

Cruzin Pineapples Series of Lifestyle Pineapple games Tease and Please Edition Lil Spinners Pocket Pineapple Games DV8 Pineapple Dare Pong

Pineapple Craze!
The Pineapple theme is wildly popular to those who identify as swingers. As a result, we created an entire game series that appeals to everything pineapple.
When we think of pineapple, we think fun and playful!  Let’s face it, sometimes swinging with friends isn’t all that serious. 
Our mascots, Joe & Lola aka The Cruzin Pineapples, are featured in a game series that’s colorful, fun and above all creates a relaxed playful atmosphere at the same time. Designed for new and seasoned swingers, the game doesn't take itself too seriously but 100% leads to play.

Our Cruzin Pineapple was created for 'all' of “you”
This series features quick icebreakers with our Playful and Naughty Pineapple portable lil spinner games, the Tease & Please Edition Frisky to Risque Card Game and the Pineapple themed Dare Pong. 

DV8 Dare Extreme Full Swap Expansion Pack


Taking it to the next level.
We’ve learned from you and we listened with our expansion packs
This edition took strategic planning. We set out to enhance next level play, but needed to get it right. As you know by now, we never jump into anything. 

Over the course of two years we had numerous discussions with seasoned swingers: “What's next in your lifestyle journey?”
One response in particular that stood out was, “There are things I wanted to try but I was afraid to ask.” 
Being experienced working in the lifestyle industry, we pushed the boundaries but not too far. 

We’ve encountered others attempts at creating similar games to our own that include Dares that wouldn’t be for everyone. For example, dares like ‘do anal’. Let’s face it, a lot more goes into anal sex than doing it on a dare. 

With careful planning and research, we created the DV8 Dare Extreme Expansion pack for the most hardcore swingers to enjoy.

DV8 Dare Get Your Kink On Expansion Pack Alternative lifestyle adult card game

What’s your Kink?
We felt kinksters needed their own expansion pack for the lifestyle
Swingers are becoming more familiar with incorporating kinks and fetishes into their regular play.  We decided it was time to create our next expansion pack by streamlining the original Fetish Edition’s top 20 kinkiest dares into the Get your Kink on Expansion Pack

 It’s not all fun and games? Well... it kinda is


DV8 Dare Portable Glory Hole The first of it's kind that goes anywhere for travel adult parties and talent shoots

Glory Holes? 
It’s a fetish and a popular one at that! Like many who’ve endeavored to create one, we had a big bulky set up that wasn’t exactly the easiest to take with us and set up at parties and events.
We set out to find a simple solution; portable and easy to set up was our goal.
The DV8 Dare Portable glory hole makes its debut 

Up to the task ‘once again’ we set out to create an innovative version that’s lightweight and portable enough for travel; one that is easy enough to set up and break down at parties and hotel rooms. Since its release it’s been one of our most popular new products. Keeping up with demand we now have three versions including: the Czech style reverse glory hole and Pandora's box fantasy glory hole booth.

DV8 Swingers Motif Logo The Deviate Network LLC
What is DV8?
DV8 is an acronym for our parent company The Deviate Network LLC
We are 15 year lifestyle promoters with over 20 years of experience in the lifestyle

Definition: to stray from the norm

When we founded The Deviate Network aka DV8, Webster's dictionary definition sums up how our network’s audience is defined. 

We stray from what is considered normal monogamous relationships and expand our boundaries and explore all aspects of the swingers and alternative lifestyles. 

 What’s important to you is important to us?

Why that matters:

We’re sure you’ve noticed lifestyle games popping up everywhere!
This game series sets itself apart from other subsequent games available on the market today.

We helped set the standard for promoting openness, understanding, and acceptance within the lifestyle community. We’d like to think we started a movement that forever changed the way everyone ‘breaks the ice’ and interacts within the lifestyle. 

This game series was created because we felt the lifestyle needed a positive way for like minded consenting adults to be able to express themselves; with an outlet to explore desires in a relaxed and playful atmosphere. 

New and Seasoned Swingers
Our goal was to create products that get the juices flowing, break the ice and add eroticism to the swinging experience.
Apprehension can always be a factor in the lifestyle. Our format breaks through these barriers with innovative ice breakers.

DV8 Dare’s diverse range of editions explore many aspects of the lifestyle’s various fetishes to fantasies and are designed to create a comfortable environment for exploration. 

Gender Neutral
It was a difficult task to create a game without using pronouns for male or female. As the lifestyle has become more progressive, we grew with it.  In most scenarios our games use terms such as partner or play partner wherever possible.
We improvised by using generalized terms.  For example, we used ‘perform oral’ instead of specific terms for genitalia.

Sex Positive 
Sex-positivity is an attitude that challenges societal taboos, sexuality and consensual sexual activities in a healthy, pleasurable and non judgmental way without embarrassment.

Made in the USA
Since entering the adult game products industry, we've gained some insight on how these products are made. Many adult games are cookie cutter designs that can be purchased on discount sites. Many are rebranded as knockoffs of other games. While we will not name; names it's important to take notice. 

After all the research and development in creating our products. It's disconcerting that games of this type are out there. A poorly thought out game or product can disrupt the delicate balance of participating in lifestyle activities.
Our games are genuine lifestyle games created for Swingers by Swingers™ 
Printed, assembled and distributed right here in our home state of New York, United States.


The inclusivity of this game series promotes increased communication, deeper connections, and enhanced intimacy. It welcomes individuals from various backgrounds, orientations, and experience levels.

We hope that you enjoy our products and we welcome your feedback, questions and suggestions ~ Mr & Mrs DV8

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